YOUNG and old alike enjoyed a street party in Lower Bemerton with everyone joining in to make the day a memorable occasion.

The celebration in St Andrew’s Road saw all residents sit down to a barbecue following a variety of games for children.

Among those taking part was the street’s oldest resident, Gladys Ackland who turns 95 next month and eight-month-old Neve Baker who came with her parents from London.

Organiser Emma Curteis said: “It was just brilliant.

“Everybody got involved, I couldn’t have done it without them.”

At the end of the day every child was given a commemorative mug with the date of the party on.

Oran Denbury, 11, said: “I had lots of fun.

“I came out on my bike and scooter, we did lots of races like the three-legged race and a running race, and it was really fun to see everyone else.”