Sean Witheridge


British National Party




PO Box 3207, Corsham, SN13 0WU

Contact no

07792 270 780




Foremost issues:

Better treatment for service families. Affordable housing for young families. Withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan. Withdraw Britain from the EU. Put an end to the climate change hoax.

Favourite politician in history:

Winston Churchill


Walking in the countryside

Sean Witheridge is single and has lived in Shrewton on Salisbury Plain all his life.

Sean is a partner in his family’s construction business and is keen to support small businesses throughout south Wiltshire.

Sean is not a career politician or a big business sponsored professional, however if elected he will be a full-time MP, dedicating all his work time to his constituents.

Understanding the needs of local people, he will campaign for affordable housing to be made available to young families and will be a dedicated campaigner for the fair treatment of our service personnel and their families.

Labour, Conservatives, Liberals and UKIP offer the same tired and failed policies that discriminate against British people - enforced multi-culturalism and mass immigration; surrender of our national sovereignty to a European super state and global corporate business and placing our brave service personnel in foreign conflicts with no British interests at stake.

Sean is a keen ornithologist, which he combines with his love of walking in Wiltshire’s countryside.

Vote for real change, a new way forward, honesty and accountability in public office, vote British National Party.