AFTER the calm of the Christmas break and a quiet first week in January, the rest of the month will see extensive armoured manoeuvre training across the Plain. This will result in much vehicle movement and heavy use of the tank crossings, particularly on the Tilshead/Chitterne road, A360, and A345.

There may be some military training noise during unsociable hours, with helicopters and other aircraft flying at low altitude.

January 9 to 17: Ex Pashtun Warrior will test 20 Brigade Operation Group prior to deployment to Afghanistan. The permissive stone tracks in the Tilshead/Chitterne/Shrewton triangle (Copehill Down) will be closed in the interest of public safety.

January 15 and 16: Land Warfare Centre will have their first run out on the Copehill Down area and Larkhill Ranges in Challenger 2 tanks.

January 16 to the end of the month sees 4 Regiment Royal Artillery with 105mm light gun dry training on the Plain and live firing on Larkhill Ranges.

January 20 to 24: Exercise Badger’s Hole will use light armour across all areas plus Challenger 2 tanks from the Kings Royal Hussars on low level manoeuvre drills.

Training will peak in the last week of January with Ex Lion’s Strike, the largest armoured exercise conducted on Salisbury Plain, which will use the west and centre.