MARCH will see a significant increase in training across the Plain.

From March 3 to 9, 4 and 19 Regiments Royal Artillery (RA) (AS(90) and 7 Parachute Regiment Royal Horse Artillery (RHA) (105 Light Gun) will conduct regimental live firing.

A Kings Royal Hussars Challenger 2 squadron and a CVRT squadron will train in the west and 4 Medical Regiment will start a three-week exercise ranging across the full length of the Plain. Also, 3 Logistical Support Regiment, with up to 80 heavy wheeled vehicles, will run convoys across the whole area during this week.

The remainder of March will be dominated by the 3 (UK) Division artillery concentration involving 4 and 19 Regiments RA, 7 Para RHA and 39 Regiment RRA (multi-launch rocket system).

Late night firing will take place on consecutive dates on March 12 and 13, March 20 and 21 and March 25 and 26) and on two live firing weekends, March 15 and 16 and March 22 and 23. Noise levels will be monitored and kept within legal limits. Large convoys, some in excess of 80 vehicles, will operate on the training area, and there may be some disruption to civilian traffic at tank crossings. Drivers should be aware that mud clearance will be taking place on all major tank crossings.

Bulford Drove (the Old Carter Barracks Road) will be closed for resurfacing from March 10 to 21.