LEVELS of training on the Plain during the whole of May will be very high.

From April 28 to May 11 Ex Pashtun Dawn, involving troops and equipment from 20 Armoured Brigade, will see operational pre-deployment training in preparation for a forthcoming tour in Afghanistan.

The exercise will involve some 5,000 troops, 300 tracked and wheeled armoured vehicles and both fixed and rotary wing aircraft.

During the exercise, there will be no access to the Larkhill Artillery Ranges, and permissive stone tracks in the Tilshead/Chitterne/Shrewton triangle (Copehill Down area) will be closed in the interest of public safety.

Military lands on Imber ranges, Larkhill artillery ranges and the east will be in use for the period May 3 to 11 and their use for recreational purposes, other than on public rights of way, is suspended for this period.

May 12 to 16 will see First Fusiliers deploying, with a company of 14 Warriors operating across the Plain.

1 YORKS will also train with its warriors in the last week of May. Joining units will be Armoured Engineer elements from 26 Engineer Regiment, an armoured recovery company from 6 Battalion REME and logistic support squadrons from 3 & 4 Logistic Support Regiments.

Over the period May 30 to June 1, Commando Brigade will be carrying out a logistics exercise involving elements of the Lead Commando Battle Group, and a fire support team concentration involving 2 PARA.

Finally, 4 PARA will conduct D-Day landing commemoration rehearsals at Everleigh drop zone.