THE army has announced changes to the Corps of Army Music (CAMUS), which it says will mean the army’s bands will deliver more relevant music more frequently both at home and abroad.

CAMUS is to be reorganised into just 22 regular army bands; one string orchestra, 18 marching bands (of which six will be Household Division) and three specialist bands which will play contemporary music.

Bands will be aligned with regional brigades, with most bands outside London becoming multi-capability bands (MCB).

MCBs will be traditional marching bands that will have the capacity to generate different ensembles such as big band, jazz and pop.

Locally we will have the Band of the Royal Artillery to be based in Tidworth and aligned with the new 1 Artillery Brigade (which replaces 43 (Wessex) Brigade in September) while the band of the Prince of Wales’s Division will be moving to St Athan where it will be one of the very few regular army units based in Wales.