SOLDIERS will have their mealtimes spiced up with the introduction of a new hot sauce created by a former submariner for their combat ration packs.

The makers of Hot Diggidy Dog pepper sauce will supply 75,000 bottles for the military’s 24-hour ration packs Founder and managing director of Hot Diggidy Dog, Simon Llewellyn said: “I lived and loved the armed forces for 11 years and so recognise the importance that food plays in morale. What began as experimentation using bags of dried chillies on board British nuclear submarines has now grown into a rapidly expanding business that, thanks to MOD, is fast becoming a household name.”

The 24-hour ration packs issued by MOD every year are designed to give deployed military personnel the 4,000 calories they need daily to ensure they are at peak physical and mental fitness during long patrols or operations.