NOW that the pressure of an almost continuous cycle of operational tours has eased, units on the plain can begin to restart some of the traditional activities that have been on hold for over a decade.

One of these was the 1 Mechanised Brigade Festival of Sports (BFoS), which was an opportunity to bring the entire brigade together in a series of sporting activities, regardless of age, gender and level of fitness.

In addition to contributing to the physical component through enhancing personal development, it also enhances the moral component through Sport for All building and developing brigade cohesion and fighting spirit.

The festival included basketball, football, rugby, swimming, static rowing, truck tyre races and tug of war and was carried out in glorious sunshine.

After the competition, members of Headquarters 1 Mechanized Brigade and representatives from each of the units in the brigade deployed to Crete where they will participate in Exercise Primoris Mercury, a battlefield study of Operation Mercury, which took place in Crete in May 1941.

The exercise will be supported by a number of academics as well as staff leading their own syndicate discussions while visiting a number of areas pertinent to the battle throughout their time in Crete.