IT’S “Goodbye, Mechanized and Hello, Armoured Infantry” as two plain-based brigades adopt new titles.

July 1 was an important landmark for 3rd (UK) Division as it saw two of the brigades adopting their new name – as part of the wider Army 2020 restructuring of the armed forces. 1 Mechanized Brigade in Tidworth and 12th Mechanized Brigade in Bulford are being re-designated as 1 Armoured Infantry Brigade and 12th Armoured Infantry Brigade.

The new names reflect their enhanced roles within the 3rd Division Reaction Force, and recognise their new structures, with armoured units and infantry battalions centred with the division on Salisbury Plain.

As the final part of this restructuring, troops currently serving with 20 Brigade in Germany can look forward to adopting their new Armoured Infantry name towards the end of the year, when they return from the final tour of Afghanistan and prepare to move to Salisbury Plain to also form part of the 3rd Division.

This name change also sees a few amendments to the units within the 1 Bde - 2 Lancs having previously departed and 2 Scots and 215 Signals Squadron re-subordinate to other brigades in the army. In August this year the brigade will welcome 1 Mercian.