SOLDIERS from Y Company, First Fusiliers based in Tidworth had an enforced holiday in Nairobi after a diplomatic spat between Kenya and the United Kingdom delayed their departure.

They had been on an arduous six-week training exercise with 3rd Battalion The Rifles.

The company was held in a small transit camp Nairobi but tried to make the most of this unfortunate delay.

To try to take their minds off the fact that they would rather be back home with loved ones, they organised trips around the capital and local safari parks.

They were due to be replaced by 2 Para, but the Kenyan Government delayed diplomatic clearance for them to fly into the country.

It is thought that the delay is a rebuke for the travel advice by the British Foreign Office for tourists to avoid Kenyan costal resorts as a result of recent terrorist attacks.

The travel weary soldiers finally arrived back in the UK more than two weeks late.