BULFORD-BASED 3rd (UK) Division has been forging closer ties with the US Army during a visit to Fort Benning.

Major Ellis Harverson, commander of the 3rd Division Operational Shooting Training Team (OSST), visited the US Army's sharp shooters at Fort Benning, Georgia to establish new partnerships to develop marksmanship skills.

The US Army Marksmanship Unit (USAMU) and the British Small Arms School Corps based in Warminster are exploring four areas where the units might work together.

They are: delivery of courses, development of operational training, sport shooting and shooting trials.

The training could involve short or long-term exchange programs between the militaries.

Major Harverson explained that the 3rd (UK) Division is the only UK high readiness division, so if the UK conducted an expeditionary operation they would send the lead element of the division, hence their focus on skill at arms and marksmanship.

“The visit was a great opportunity to discuss marksmanship and learn different ways of accomplishing the same task,” said Capt Ryan Calhoon, USAMU operations officer.

“The British Army has a lot to offer in their marksmanship doctrine, while the USAMU has a lot to offer in the individual instruction and courses that we teach as well as the competitive marksmanship piece.”