A STAFF officer at Bulford-based Headquarters 3rd (United Kingdom) Division has been winning events at the 2014 Royal Tournament held at Melton Mowbray.

Major Nicky Cripps, pictured, of The Royal Logistic Corps, riding Jack, her seven-year-old, 15.2 hand Welsh cross Irish draught won the 'metre class' at the event and was a member of the winning RLC team in the team event.

“I started with my first horse when I was five years old at Catterick,” she said. “And I have been doing it ever since pretty much.”

“Mixing riding with my career is complicated, but if you have got a passion you will find a way; it’s early mornings and late nights and fitting it in where you can. “I have got a very resilient horse that accepts what I give him so if he hasn’t been ridden for a few weeks and I whack him out to a show, he will just crack on and do it for me.”

Maj Cripps is a member of the Army Equitation Association (AEA) and is trying to develop the sport across the army. The AEA has 150 members who are not in mounted units and hopes that this number will grow.