A WELSH soldier serving in Tidworth will be leading his nation's boxing team when he competes at the Commonwealth games in Glasgow this weekend.

Lance Corporal Ashley Williams, 23, of 1st Battalion The Royal Welsh has been selected as captain of the Welsh boxing team and has qualified for the 49kg light flyweight category.

Speaking at the battalion gym before heading to the Games, he said: “I've got tough competition there, I am not saying that I'm the medal favourite but I feel myself I can push for gold."

The father-of-two from Bettws, Bridgend, continued: “My Regiment have been behind me all the way. “They've said ‘boxing is your main priority’. My wife and I have given massive commitment to this and I'm not letting it go. Hopefully I can make her and my little kids proud. And hopefully make the British Army proud.”

The recently-promoted Lance Corporal has also been selected by his fellow boxers to act as the team captain for the Games.

“We had a little vote within the team and I got picked out. One or two of them didn't feel like they wanted the extra pressure of being captain, but I love that kind of thing. I love the sport and I was honoured actually to be boxing team captain for Wales.”

1st Battalion The Royal Welsh have spent the past month on exercise on the Canadian Prairie in their role as the Lead Armoured Battle Group for the British Army's 3rd (UK) Division.

Williams, who missed the exercise due to his training commitments, concluded: “They've supported me all the way.

“Hopefully I'll see them all when I get back from the Games with a gold medal.”