WHILE I understand General Deverell's anger at the reduction of the Royal Tank Regiment from First World War strength of 25 battalions to just one today, it is just one of a sad list of regiments that have disappeared.

Those watching the ceremonies at Mons will have seen the headstone and grave of Private John Parr of The Middlesex Regiment, the first soldier to die in the conflict.

The Middlesex Regiment had 46 battalions in the Great War, not the most, but a pretty impressive total. Today you will search and not find any mention of that proud regiment.

The 1st Battalion, The Middlesex Regiment (The Duke of Cambridge’s Own) was re-badged as 4th Battalion The Queen’s Regiment in 1967, only to be disbanded in early 1970.

The Queens Regiment has gone, replaced by The Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment who proudly carry on Middlesex traditions and celebrate the Battle of Albuhera where the Middlesex got their nickname of The Diehards to this day.

Oh Yes, I am proud to be a Diehard!