TWO historic ceremonies have saluted the centuries-old relationship of the Royal Artillery and the Royal Signals with 3rd (United Kingdom) Division.

The first parade, at Bulford Camp, marked the 100-plus year relationship of 3rd (UK) Division HQ & Signal Regiment with its parent Division – and its “re-subordination” to Force Troops Command – as part of the changes being imple- mented under Army 2020 restructuring.

The change of command is a significant moment as the regiment can trace its links to the 3rd Division to the old 'Telegraph Companies' that were formed prior to the First World War.

Addressing the signallers on the parade square at Bulford's Picton Barracks, Major General James Cowan said: "Today marks a key moment in the remarkable relationship between the Division and the Regiment that has spanned one hundred years.

“Our history is intertwined; it provides a sense of purpose that binds staff and signaller together."

3rd (UK) Division HQ & Signal Regiment – or '3DSR' – will now form part of the new 11 Signal Brigade and change its name to 3 Signal Regiment.

It will continue to support the 3rd Division in its new function as a multi-role signal regiment. Meanwhile, a Sunset ceremony at Larkhill marked the change of command for the Royal Artillery as 3rd Division's Gunners move to the new 1 Artillery Brigade and HQ South West.

The parade, which included a performance by the Royal Artillery band and a poignant flag-lowering ceremony, signalled the closure of the Royal Artillery Offensive Support Group as a Formation HQ after 107 years within the 3rd Division – with the salute also taken by Major General James Cowan.

He said: "Our division has existed in one form or another since 1809, always holding a distinguished place in the army's order of battle. Throughout this long history, the connection between the division and its gunners has been central to its success.

"Tonight we mark the passing of the Divisional Offensive Support Group, we honour its achievements and we salute the many brave men and women who have served in its ranks. But we welcome the new Artillery Brigade and look forward to a successful relationship that will endure far into the future."