1ST Battalion the Royal Anglian Regiment (The Vikings) based in Bulford has handed over control of Patrol Base Silab, Nad-e Ali, to Afghan security forces.

This is the first checkpoint to be handed over to Afghan security forces in Nad-e Ali and a key point in the transition to Afghan security control.

The Vikings are working in the district of Nad-e-Ali; this is the large agricultural heartland of Central Helmand stretching between the urban centres of Gereshk and Lashkar Gah. In Nad-e-Ali the early stages of Transition began last winter.

Officer Commanding B (Suffolk) Company Major Adam Wolfe (35) said: “Both the Afghans and British forces have worked hard to make Silab a place that can be defended and occupied without overstretching either the Afghan security forces or ISAF. I was proud to shake hands with the Commander Zainoulla before we departed; content further progress has been made towards transition”.

Between now and the beginning of September a further five locations will be handed over to the Afghan security forces, two sites will be improved and some will be closed completely as stability improves in the Nad-e Ali area.