A BOTANICAL artist from Salisbury has had her work exhibited at two major exhibitions in the field.

Sally Pond’s work was on display at the RHS Botanical Painting and Orchid show at the Lindley Library in London and won a silver-gilt medal. And she also exhibited at the Society of Botanical Artist's annual exhibition at The Central Halls in Westminster, for which she was awarded a Certificate of Botanical Merit.

Pond said: “It was lovely and just great to have these opportunities. There were botanical artists there from all around the world and such a variety of work on show.

“Getting the medal and certificate of merit was great because it shows I’m on the right track botanically. The work has to be absolutely accurate.”

At the Royal Horticultural Society show the artist had to select a theme for their display, with Pond’s work entitled Social Climbers – an exploration of the differences between hedgerow climbing plants and their garden climbing counterparts.

Botanical painters create work that as well as being decorative is a painstakingly accurate record of the subject.

Pond’s work can be seen locally at the Fisherton Gallery in Salisbury and she will also be taking part in the upcoming Arts Trail, when local artists open their studios to the public.