THE latest recreation of Stonehenge is a chip off the old block.

Salisbury's iconic ancient monument is one of six British icons that has been given a potato makeover for National Chip Week.

Food artist Prudence Staite used 10kg of chips to recreate Stonehenge, the Angel of the North, Big Ben, the Loch Ness Monster, the London Eye and the White Cliffs of Dover.

Staite and her team spent six months planning, trialling and carefully constructing each sculpture.

Stonehenge used 75 chips and took five hours to build and the Angel of the North was the most time consuming, needing 240 chips and 12 hours to build.

Staite said: “We had so much fun with this project, from the very first sketches to the technical challenges around how the sculptures would hold together.

“Iconic landmarks in Britain are so important to our cultural history and eating chips is such a British tradition, it felt natural to combine the two and create some history of our own. It did leave us a little hungry though.”

National Chip Week runs until Sunday. Stu Baker from the Potato Council said: “Britain is truly a nation of chip lovers and chip week is a fantastic celebration of our great food tradition. We always enjoy the creativity and ingenuity that chip week tends to inspire, and Prudence has certainly taken it to a whole new level. Why not go to your local chippy and have a go yourself?”