FOR more than 70 years I have been involved through close family connections with people who have learning difficulties.

In that time, the care through organisations, government policy and volunteering has grown remarkably and is something which is so appreciated by, and essential to, families and carers.

Now it appears all this is in jeopardy.

It is disingenuous of the Scope spokesman to say that special needs people want to "choose where they live, who they live with.... and pay for the things they want" (Journal, February 13).

A large proportion of our vulnerable people are just not capable of doing this.

Yet again, those with consciences are having to speak up for our "special" people - does anyone in Wiltshire Council really listen?

Christine Haines, Salisbury

WE have made a financial donation to the campaign seeking to stop Wiltshire Council from cutting youth services in our communities.

We know at our age (53) it is easy to become cynical about trying to change the ill-informed decisions of politicians, but we decided to make a financial contribution for a number of reasons.

Firstly we are angry at the way young people are being treated.

Often too young to vote, they are easy political targets.

Our contribution is also made out of selfinterest because the young people of today are the carers and tax payers of tomorrow, but most of all we took the decision to make a financial donation because we don't want the next generation to become as cynical as our generation.

You could also do the right thing and make a contribution today or get involved by contacting Glynn Root at glynnroot@hotmail .com.

John Kerridge, Salisbury

IT is sad to see local centres for the disabled closing.

Fortunately for Salisbury we have the Jo Benson Day Centre for physically disabled adults.

Next year, we will be 45 years old.

We get no government funding and the trustees and staff work very hard to keep moving forward and to meet the needs of members.

In keeping the centre running smoothly, the team of volunteers are wonderful, but we always have room for more.

Call 01722 337175 for more information.

CH Maidment Trustee, Jo Benson Day Centre