A STUDENT from Salisbury took living on a budget to an extreme to raise money for charity.

Louisa Herbert, who is in her final year at Leeds University, took part in the Live Below the Line challenge to raise money to tackle global poverty.

She spent last week living on a food budget of £1 per day to experience what it means to live below the poverty line to raise money for Oxfam, one of the organisations supporting Live Below the Line, a global fundraising challenge by the Global Poverty Project.

She said: “As students it is sometimes difficult to make good food on a budget, but when £1 won’t pay for a cup of tea it makes you realise just how little so many people have to spend.

"We took the five-day challenge to better understand how difficult it is to live off so little and we are helping raise money for those who face this struggle every day.”

The challenge is due to take place nationwide between April 28 and May 2, but Louisa and other students took part early ahead of exam commitments.

For more information go to livebelowtheline.com/uk.