A FARMING family from Ringwood made sure a party to celebrate the life of their dad went with a bang – by getting his ashes made into fireworks.

The unusual wake was held at the weekend to mark the life of 61-year-old Denis Moody, who died on December 27.

And the volley of bangs was accompanied by one of Mr Moody’s favourite songs - Spirit in the Sky, played by a live band.

His son Michael, 24, who is a gunmaker, said: “It was a nice send-off, it was nice to celebrate Dad’s life rather than mourn his death.

“We collectively came up with the idea of fireworks - my four sisters and I, and mum, and ordered a box of small rockets from a company called Heavenly Stars in Kent. It was a really nice display.

“Dad always had a thing for making bonfires and stuff like that we thought this idea was perfect. The display went on so long the band said they’d never played as long a version of Spirit in the Sky before.”

The party, attended by family and friends, raised money for the BASICS Hampshire emergency doctors service, which sends doctors to emergencies to stabilise patients before paramedics can get them to hospital.

Mr Moody said: “They helped Dad before, and we wanted to raise some money for the charity. We might be doing another fundraiser soon.

“Dad was a mechanic, but he had had cancer for 11 years on and off and so he couldn’t do that and helped mum with the farm instead, as much as he could.

“He got over cancer then got it again then it moved into his bone. He made sure he celebrated Christmas for his nephews and nieces and died on December 27.

“We had a very small funeral and this was the big celebration.

“Now we’re going to spread the rest of his ashes over the farm.”