MOST people in Salisbury do want a new supermarket but not where Sainsbury’s hopes to build one, according to a survey carried out in the city.

Wiltshire councillor Richard Clewer asked people to complete the survey and got 250 responses.

Ninety-one per cent said they did not think any new store should be built in the Southampton Road area, where planning permission is being sought for a new store.

They were asked where they would like to see a store, and the favourite option was Fugglestone Red, with 56 per cent of the vote, followed by the west of the city (38 per cent) the Old Manor Hospital site (24 per cent), Longhedge (21 per cent), Harnham (20 per cent).

Fifteen per cent of those asked said they don’t want a supermarket at all.

Cllr Clewer said: “It suggests that people do want another supermarket but ‘where?’ is the interesting question.”

Sainsbury’s have a planning application lodged to put a store opposite the existing Tesco supermarket off Southampton Road, but concerns have been raised by local people about flooding and traffic problems in the area.

Asda and Aldi also hope to come to the city, with both firms hoping to open shops off London Road.