SALISBURY’S Clare Moody has been chosen as the Labour MEP for the south west.

Wiltshire was one of the few districts in the area where UKIP did not come out on top, but the party did gain two of the six south west seats in the European elections.

The south west will be represented by William Dartmouth and Julia Reid for UKIP, Ashley Peter Fox and Julie McCulloch Girling for the Conservatives, Clare Moody for Labour and Molly Scott Cato for the Green party.

The result was a boost for Labour who gained one MEP from the Conservatives.

Mrs Moody said: “I’m delighted that the south west will once again have Labour representing its interests in the European Parliament and I am thrilled to be the person taking charge of that task.”

She said people’s discontent needs to be taken into account as people are feeling unhappy with politics and the economy in general, and the main issue when she has been campaigning hasn’t been leaving Europe it’s been about securing their futures.