FOUR governors have been elected to the Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust Council of Governors following elections held in the trust’s public constituencies.

Jan Sanders, Katherine Sanders and Lynn Taylor were newly elected, with Alastair Lack successfully re-elected.

The elections were held by Electoral Reform Services on behalf of the trust, which has eight public constituencies - Salisbury City, South Wiltshire Rural, North Dorset, New Forest, Kennet, West Wiltshire, East Dorset and the Rest of England. The number of governors per constituency is based on the population, with governors elected for three-year periods up to a maximum of nine years.

As well as public governors, the trust has staff governors and nominated governors. Nominated Governors are drawn from the Trust’s stakeholders such as Wiltshire Council and local Clinical Commissioning Groups and are responsible for providing their organisations with information about the trust's performance and in turn keeping the Council of Governors informed of stakeholders’ views.