WILTSHIRE Police are backing a national campaign aimed at tackling courier fraud.

The South West Regional Fraud Team - in conjunction with five regional forces including Wiltshire – are clamping down on the crime, which has seen two victims in the county tricked out of £6,000.

A courier scam is when fraudsters call and trick victims into handing their cards and PIN numbers to a courier on the doorstep.

There have been 17 attempted crimes of this nature in Wiltshire in the last year.

Across the south west region about 130 people, including many elderly victims, have had thousands of pounds stolen.

The perpetrators contact potential victims by telephone pretending to be a police officer.

They are encouraged by the fraudster to withdraw large sums of cash which will be collected by courier from their homes.

Another scam involves someone claiming to be a police officer based in London who informs the victim that two people have been arrested and were in possession of their bank details.

The unsuspecting victim speaks to them and is encouraged to provide private banking information and may also be asked to withdraw cash.