AMESBURY’S Ancestor sculpture is returning to Glastonbury Festival this year.

The giant sculpture of ancient man on his knees welcoming the sunrise, which normally sits at Solstice Park to welcome people to the Stonehenge landscape, is returning to the world’s largest Greenfield festival to reign as ‘lord of the dance’ at Silver Hayes, the dance area.

The 24ft, six-tonne sculpture will be broken down into five pieces to be transported on Tuesday and will be placed on top of two shipping containers and a plinth constructed from the old Pyramid Stage to create an impressive 36ft entrance to The Blues.

The Ancestor was created by local artist Andy Rawlings and Michelle Topps. Rawlings said: “It’s an incredible opportunity, we have to keep pinching ourselves. We never thought he would become a centre piece at Glastonbury.

“Last year they lit him up like a giant Moroccan Lantern and gave him a laser display, we can’t wait to see what effects he’ll have this year.”

This is the second time the Ancestor has visited Glastonbury, he has also appeared at the summer solstice at Stonehenge in 2010 and 2012, greeted the Olympic Torch in Salisbury and became a main stage attraction at the Greenman Festival in Wales.

The sculpture will be back in his spot in Amesbury in July.