MORRISONS supermarket in Verwood is scrapping its trolley locks in response to customer feedback.

The Chiltern Drive store says it is reacting to customer demand for quicker and easier shopping trips.

A team visited the store on Wednesday to update all the store’s trolley fixtures, which removes the need to insert a £1 coin or token to release a trolley from its bay.

Supermarket manager Martin Rolfe said: “Our nation is getting busier and we have less free time than previous generations.

“Customers in Verwood have told us they want a quicker shop. The removal of trolley locks is just one of the many improvements we are making to our store – to make for a faster and easier shopping trip.”

Morrisons plans to remove 150,000 locks from its stores this July.

Other improvements for a quicker shop include the redesign of stores, extending its opening hours, updating car park controls and improvements to baby change and toilet facilities.