A MOTHER from Shrewton has launched a petition calling for a footpath to be built along a dangerous stretch of London Road.

Emma Woollard, 26, was nearly hit by a car while walking along the road with her two-year-old daughter Hunny-Louise in a pushchair.

They live at the top of London Road and have to walk along it to get to the village.

“Walking down there you feel like you are going to die, I nearly have a panic attack,” said Miss Woollard.

“At rush hour it’s horrendous. It can’t be left as it is so I decided to see if I could get a footpath put in.”

Hunny-Louise starts pre-school next year and Miss Woollard will be forced to walk along the busy road every day as she doesn’t drive.

“The first part I have to walk is on the wrong side of the road because if you walk on the right side there is a bush that sticks out,” she said.

“Cars can’t see me. There are two big bends at the bottom and you can’t be seen,” she said.

There is a small footpath at the bottom of the road but Miss Woollard says it is often muddy and unkempt.

She hoped to gather 100 signatures but has already got more than 250, which she gave to Wiltshire councillor Ian West, who presented it to Amesbury Area Board.

Cllr West said: “All the services are down in the village so you have to walk down and take your life into your hands.”

Miss Woollard is hoping to gain more support and will be at Shrewton Sports and Social Club on Sunday to collect more signatures.