THE winner of the BBC show Big Allotment Challenge has recently shown off his new garden that was built from scratch in the Roman Quarter development near Salisbury.

Alex Lomax wanted to create the perfect garden for his new home, so decided to start with a blank canvas and with the help of a sales advisor for Persimmon Homes Wessex, Emily Storer, he has achieved his ambition.

He said: “Emily was incredibly supportive in helping us find our home, and of course the size and shape of the garden was also important.

“She has always taken a keen interest in how my garden is developing.
“My criteria for a garden are that it is easy to maintain and provides a social space, so, as my garden is a slopping site, I decided to terrace it on three levels.

“I designed it myself, as I wanted to make it look interesting, and did most of the shovelling but I did get someone to do the brickwork.”