A HUSBAND who stabbed his wife with a carving knife in a drunken row about an overcooked chicken said it had done the relationship "a world of good".

Russell Worthington was sentenced to two years in prison at Salisbury Crown Court on Monday (March 20).

He previously appeared in court after stabbing his wife of 33 years in the stomach with a carving knife in August 2016.

Gail Worthington was found "with part of her bowel protruding from a single stab wound" at the couple's home in Beverley Hills Park in Amesbury, after her husband told police: "I'm sorry to bother you, but I've just killed my wife".

Worthington, 62, was found guilty of unlawful wounding, but a jury found him not guilty of causing grievous bodily harm after a three-day trial at Salisbury Crown Court in January.

Sentencing, Judge Andrew Barnett said it was "an extremely sad and tragic case".

In a victim personal statement, Mrs Gail Worthington said she had forgiven her husband and wanted him to come home.

Defending, Jodie Mittell said: "This is a man who wants to make the very best of what is an awful situation.

"He's determined to use this situation for good if he can, and he says in a way what happened that day has done him and his wife a world of good, as neither of them have drunk alcohol since.

Ms Mittell said: "They both wish to make their marriage a successful one" and that the couple would accept any help offered to "have a happy and healthy future together."

She also told the court Worthington received "a glowing report" from the prison where he had been held on remand, and that while in custody he had been given a number of responsibilities in caring for vulnerable inmates.

Ms Mittell said Worthington's sisters were willing to put him up if he was released from custody that day, but Judge Barnett sentenced him to two years in prison.

He said: "I would be failing in my duty if I suspended the sentence, because the message must go out that people who wound others with a knife must go to prison.

"It's no exaggeration to say your wife nearly died. Mercifully, she has made a remarkable recovery, and she has forgiven you.

"But what occurred back in August, fuelled on both sides by drink, was a serious matter, because you had in your hand a kitchen knife.

"Despite what you said to the various authorities about the history of your marriage, which did you no favours at all, I accept that this was very much a single blow, caused by a melee in the kitchen when she lurched towards you.

"But I'm afraid you must pay the penalty.

"You are a man of good character, which you have now lost.

"It was an isolated incident and you are undoubtedly in a lot of remorse, and will remember this for the rest of your life."