A SALISBURY man hanged himself at his home, an inquest heard.

Christopher Miesner, 41, was confirmed dead by paramedics at his home in The Close at 12.35pm on April 20, 2017 after being found by his wife, Deborah Morrison, who had returned from a holiday.

An inquest at Salisbury Coroners Court on July 20 heard the couple were in the process of separating and Mr Miesner had moved out of the family home.

His friend at the Cloisters Pub arranged for him to have a room and do some bar work.

Mr Miesner had stopped drinking for about four months but started drinking around Christmas last year issues started cropping up with customers Mr Miesner was found drinking at work and was warned he would have to leave if his drinking continued. He left the flat.

On Friday, April 14 he was found by his friend in poor health due to alcohol at his family home. His friend visited on several other occasions and tried to get him to seek help for his drinking, including on Easter Sunday when he told him he could stay at the flat and have his job back, but Mr Meisner said he would be staying with his mother.

Mr Miesner’s wife said he had “never verbalised” his intent to take his own life and his mother Cathleen said he had told her he was “very unhappy” but did not recall him saying he wanted to kill himself.

The cause of death was hanging, chronic alcohol dependency and acute intoxication. The post mortem examination found high levels of alcohol in his system.

Coroner David Ridley, recording a narrative conclusion, said: “Christopher suffered from chronic alcohol dependence and was found to have an excessive amount of alcohol in his body. Excess alcohol is a known depressant and the level of alcohol and chronic alcohol dependence more likely than not contributed to Christopher’s actions to the extent the question of intent in relation to his actions is unclear.”