A HOUSEBUILDER says it will be able to provide a “greater housing mix” after it submitted revised plans for a development in Allington.

Netherhampton-based Nero Developments had previously been granted permission for 24 homes off the A338 and Bourne View but has now returned with a larger proposal for 37 homes.

The firm’s new proposal includes affordable homes and will be “more saleable and viable”, it says.

The scheme provides more affordable housing, which will benefit Wiltshire’s housing need, the plan added.

However, the developer said that despite the increased number of homes the new proposal was slightly smaller than the previous scheme.

It said: “The large 5-bedroom properties have been separated to accommodate semi-detached dwellings. In fact, it should be noted that there is a 3.4 per cent decrease in built development proposed, when compared with that previously approved.”

The scheme will also include a community centre, parking and recreation space, which the developer says has not moved from the proposal agreed in July.

However, the new scheme has already received criticism from neighbours, with resident Major Paul Lamont calling for the Wiltshire Council to say “enough is enough”.

In letter to the authority, Major Lamont said: “More houses mean more people and more cars, more impact on the environment and more impact on the wildlife and vegetation. This, in turn, has an effect on transport links, schooling and local amenities.”

He also stressed that the additional one-bedroom flats and one- and two-bedroom houses did not fit in with the village’s need for housing.

“In my view multiple changes of the plan (one which was fiercely objected to from the outset) is about greed over need.

“As a council you are charged with looking after the needs of the community, not putting business needs first. You have already agreed to a final plan twice previously it is now time that council says enough is enough.”

To view the application, go to wiltshire.gov.uk/planning and search 17/10309/OUT.

A public consultation is open until November 30.