THE organisers of a fireworks display in Durrington have insisted that the event ran smoothly despite claims of “mayhem” and near misses.

The display which was attended by more than 3,000 people at the Millennium Field on Sunday has caused outrage from some who have complained about the town council’s organisation.

People took to social media to share their disappointment at the chaos on the roads surrounding the field. They say scars were reversing and narrowly missing pedestrians, while driveways were blocked by event-goers.

Durrington resident Kimberly Pickersgill posted on Facebook:“It was absolute mayhem I’m surprised no one was injured with cars mounting the pavements and slamming into reverse without looking for pedestrians first. If an emergency service vehicle needed to access the village it wouldn’t of got through.”

She added that cars were being abandoned along Stonehenge Road but the council has said that letters were sent out to residents living on the street before the event to apologise for parking issues.

Another who posted was delivery driver Jan Whittaker, she said: “I was not at the event as I was working doing deliveries and got stuck in the mayhem of everyone trying to leave.

“It was crazy with people going on the pavement with no regard to pedestrians and someone shouting at me to do the same.”

Despite claims from Ms Whittaker that she didn’t see marshals directing traffic, the council has insisted that stewards were placed along the road and the town clerk was assisting with traffic.

Chairman of Durrington Town Council John Todd said safety was paramount.

He said: “We go the extra mile and place our stewards not only within the critical areas required at the event but also outside on road junctions, which we are not obligated to do.

“Should a resident find a road blockage to be detrimental to a 999 vehicle, I would expect this to be reported to the police.”

He added: “I believe this year has been the best ever in terms of organisation and I am very proud of the team of volunteers who worked alongside myself to give a couple of hours entertainment for all to the village.”