UFO hunters in Wiltshire have launched a new hotline for people to report sightings.

A 24-hour response line is being operated by Swindon UFO Research and Wiltshire Phenomena Research for those who have experienced something unusual and wish to report their experiences in a confidential manner.

A spokesman said: "A member of the response centre will return their call and offer their advice based on their knowledge of their retrospective fields of study.

"The team also has the ability to carry out on site investigations with a dedicated and experienced paranormal investigations team."

Organiser Chris Williams said: "It will become a centre of reporting for the area. Callers can contact us and we will route their call to a member of the ARC response team with expertise in the particular area of the caller's experience.

"Membership is strictly controlled, but we will expand the system to cover more areas and will look for additional experienced investigators and researches to join with us “We will deliver a confidential and quality service to those experiencing unusual phenomena."

To contact the team call (01793) 484510. Leave a message with your name, contact details and a brief description of your experience.