A CAT charity raised £500 for their furry guests at a Pumpkin Fair.

The Bournemouth, Blandford, and Southampton Branches of Cats Protection joined workers at Ferndown, with each branch benefiting from the event.

A supporter said: “Now is an excellent time for those planning to adopt a cat - so come and see them so that they can be settled in well before Christmas.

“As it's half term the centre is a good place to visit - even if you just like to see cats as I do. There are lots of cat items to buy for Christmas presents - for humans and cats – and a big supply of paperbacks to pass the winter evenings.

Cats Protection’s Ferndown Homing Centre has also issued advice to owners to help keep cats safe during the fireworks season.

While the celebrations can be great fun for people, cats can be left stressed out, confused or injured by fireworks.

Donna White, manager at the Ferndown Centre, said: “Apart from the obvious physical damage suffered through accidental contact with fireworks, cats can be badly affected by fireworks noise and lights. There is also the danger of a pet cat running away and never returning.”

A few simple precautions can help owners to keep their cat out of harm’s way: 

  • Keep your cat in after dark and ensure he has access to a litter tray.



  •  Try to reduce outside noise by keeping windows shut and curtains drawn. Playing soothing music or having the TV on may also help. Try not to reinforce fearful behaviour by soothing and reassuring a cat that is looking anxious.



  •  While cats like to be settled in a cosy, familiar territory such as a comfy bed or favourite chair, when feeling scared they need safe places to hide. Ensure they can exhibit this natural behaviour by providing access to a hiding place, such as under the bed, an igloo-style cat bed or something simple like a cardboard box.



  •  Make sure all doors and windows are securely closed to prevent your cat from escaping.


    For further advice on keeping cats safe and happy during the fireworks season, contact the Ferndown centre on 03000 120175 or go to ferndown.cats.org.uk.