A RETROSPECTIVE planning application to retain a new access at a Fordingbridge pig farm has been approved – despite protestors claiming it poses a danger to road users.

Farmer Mark Nutting also wants to keep two animal feed silos he installed on the edge of his 65-acre field between Fordingbridge and Whitsbury, a few feet away from two houses, and install a third.

But planners have delayed deciding on the silos, saying Mr Nutting may have to move them due to noise nuisance.

Mr Nutting installed a new gate to allow unrestricted working access for commercial vehicles, which can turn and leave the site without reversing onto the road.

But five objectors say the new access, opposite two houses, is “dangerous and unnecessary”.

Resident Robin Dispain said: “The access is causing me concerns as there are vehicles using it every day.

“I think the access at this point is dangerous as it is on a bend and unnecessary, as there are two different access points on the site.

“The district council has gone ahead and approved these plans without taking our concerns into consideration.”

Resident Alistair Clarke said: “The applicant has decided to site this new access at precisely the most dangerous point along the lane. Traffic coming from Fordingbridge and especially from Whitsbury will be put in great danger by virtue of the fact that this new access is on the apex of a bend.

“I feel a sense of responsibility for the safety of my family and staff, all of whom use Whitsbury Road daily.”

New Forest District Council granted approval with conditions for the access, including landscaping next to the driveway, to be completed within three months.

But they deferred a decision on the silos in order to negotiate with Mr Nutting over moving them.

Mr Dispain said: “It is far too loud when the silos are being filled.

“The feed hits the side of the containers and the noise, which happens once every ten days and lasts for about one hour and 45 minutes, stops me using the telephone.”

A New Forest District Council spokesman said: “The committee was mindful of the advice of the environmental health officer that the noise generated by the two silos, which would be exacerbated by the installation of a third, arguably amounted to a statutory nuisance.

“The hours of operation for both the filling of the hoppers and the transfer of feed to the tractors for transport around the farm should also be restricted to 9am to 5pm.

“Planning officers are currently in negotiation with the applicant.”