FORDINGBRIDGE Museum is appealing for more old photographs of Alderholt and the surrounding area for a special display.

The team running the attraction off Salisbury Street is asking people to look out their old photos after they realised that although they had an extensive collection of photographs of Fordingbridge and nearby villages they only have about 20 of Alderholt.

Jill Totty, who supervises the photo collection, said: “Alderholt has an interesting history, in particular at the time when photography was first used to record everyday life in the area.

“If you have any photos or old postcards showing Alderholt in the past we would be very grateful for copies of them or donations to add to our archive. Our photograph collection is available for anyone to look at on the ground floor of the museum and we are keen to keep adding to it as new photographs come to light.”

One of the photos the museum has got shows the stores at Charing Cross, Alderholt at the turn of the century.

It shows the stores in what is a fairly rural setting with a young girl in a pinafore dress standing in front of them.

The man wearing gaiters in the foreground, looking after a horse and cart, stands next to an advertisement for Michelin Tyres, which is probably aimed at early car owners as well as cyclists.

Any photographs would be well looked after while they are copied and donors would be acknowledged in museum records.

If you have photos you would like to donate or allow the museum to copy, take them to the museum in Kings Yard, Fordingbridge between 11am and 4pm on Monday to Saturday or email