A PONY rejected by her mother when she was born has been described as a “one-off” by her Ringwood owner after winning Showing World’s Personality of the Year Award.

Moortown Frilly, a seven-year-old traditional gypsy cob, who was bred at Moortown Stud in Crow by her owner Liz Wright, 52, secured hundreds of votes with her sweet-nature and eagerness to please.

Ms Wright’s run of awards for Moortown Frilly at the Horse of the Year Show and the Royal International at Hickstead last year continued as she also scooped the Breeder of the Year award.

“I think Moortown Frilly is a one-off,” said Ms Wright.

“She wins everything and so she is very popular with the public. She is a real character and everyone likes her. She is a sweet little thing and always tries her little heart out.

“When she was born she was rejected by her mother and so we had to milk her and then bottle feed Frilly. Fortunately after several days the mare began to bond with her foal and care for this little scrap.

“I am really proud of her.”

Ms Wright’s passion for horses was born when her grandmother gave her a New Forest filly foal on the day she was born.

But her love of coloured cobs began following a horrific riding accident.

Fearing that Ms Wright would lose her confidence on horseback, her mother Joan bought her daughter a fat, little coloured called Tammy.

“I loved Tammy and she did give me back my confidence. From that point onwards I have bred them.”

Ms Wright has been breeding traditional gypsy cobs and coloured cobs at Moortown Stud since 1985.

Although a breeder herself, Ms Wright sends out a stern message to others in light of the recent welfare issues of horses.

She said: “Horses are being abandoned and many cobs are being tethered and left to die because they are too costly to care for. Although I am a breeder I only breed half of my mares so if I cannot sell my ponies I make sure I can look after them.”