THE headteacher of Ringwood Junior School is set to visit a partner school in Kibera, Kenya.

For the past three years, the school has been developing strong links with Zelyn Academy, a primary school in Kenya.

Head Sally-Ann Evans said: “The original intention was for our children to gain a better understanding of life in another, very different culture.

“Since those very early days, the partnership has grown, with children in both schools actively taking part in an on-going reciprocal relationship.”

The school, outside Nairobi, in the slums of Kibera, was set up by Lynn Johnson in partnership with two Kenyan co-directors, to educate children aged from three to 14.

Ringwood pupils have raised money through various fund raising activities to buy sports equipment and educational resources for the partner school.

Mrs Evans said: “Only last week children took part in a Scootathon, where they collected sponsorship money and we have been holding Cakes for Kenya sales all term.

“Children have also initiated their own enterprise activities to make their personal contributions.”

She added: “I am very much looking forward to meeting the children we have been supporting.

“I will also spend each day teaching and will be sharing aspects of our school life. I know it will not be easy.”

Mrs Evans is intending to write a blog during her stay.