A HEAVILY pregnant cow was hit so hard by a car her stomach was torn open on Tuesday night.

Agister Mike Lovell was called to the hit-and-run incident at about 8.30pm, involving a cow on the road between Ipers Bridge and Hill Top.

A spokesman for the Verderers said: “Debris found at the scene indicates a dark grey BMW collided with the animal. We believe it was travelling from Ipers Bridge towards Hill Top.

“The driver has so far failed to report the accident.

“If anyone has any information that might identify the driver involved in this incident, or notices a dark grey BMW with damage consistent with striking an animal, we would be very pleased to hear from you. All information will be treated in the strictest confidence.”

A £500 reward is being offered by the owner of the cow for information which leads to the successful conviction of the driver involved in this incident. This is in addition to the reward of up to £1,000 offered under the Verderers’ reward scheme.

Anyone with any information can contact clerk Sue Westwood on 023 8028 2052, or email enquiries@verderers.org.uk