STAFF at a first school are over the moon after being described as outstanding across the board by Ofsted.

Trinity First School in Verwood received the plaudit for the achievement of its pupils, the quality of its teaching, the behaviour and safety of pupils and the leadership and management of the school.

Inspectors said the drive and ambition of headteacher Jane Green and the support she had from staff and governors was excellent, as were the systems in place to monitor quality and progress.

Mrs Green said: “This is testament to the dedication and commitment of the staff to provide the children with the best learning opportunities that they can give them, and to our incredible children who show such enthusiasm for learning, and demonstrate such resilience when faced with new challenges.”

Inspectors said: “Leaders’ monitoring and support of teaching are exceptionally strong. Consequently, teaching is outstanding and teachers’ ability to help pupils recognise how they can improve and inspire them to do so is exemplary.”

Of the pupils themselves, they said: “Achievement is outstanding. Activities planned for pupils of different ability are very challenging and pupils’ attainment is much higher than that seen in most schools, although the writing of some younger pupils is slightly behind their impressive reading and mathematical skills.

“Special activities to help pupils who are behind others to catch up are excellent. Consequently, they make outstanding progress. The most- able pupils are equally well supported and consistently attain high standards.”

They added: “The curriculum is especially well designed to engage pupils’ interest, make learning relevant and promote their progress. Activities for reception children are excellent.”

Inspectors also said pupils had “outstanding attitudes to learning” and that they were “exceptionally well prepared to make the very best of their future education”.

They added: “All pupils are unfailingly polite, kind to each and genuinely concerned if others around them are upset or, as they say, ‘stuck at their work’... “Bullying is extremely rare, with pupils reporting that, ‘Everyone is very kind’.”