NEARLY 90 per cent of respondents said they were satisfied with the new Recycle for Dorset collection service in a survey by the Dorset Waste Partnership (DWP).

The survey was sent to residents in Christchurch, East Dorset and North Dorset. Almost 5,000 people responded, with 89 per cent saying they were either very satisfied or satisfied with the service, which launched in October 2012. Only four per cent were dissatisfied and one per cent very dissatisfied.

74 percent said the scheme was better than the previous service, while eight per cent felt it was worse. And 85 per cent said they recycle more of their waste at home than before the new service.

Residents offered suggestions – such as a seasonal rather than year-round garden waste collection – and highlighted problems, such as the need for more care by collection crews when replacing bins.

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