STAFF and parents at a village nursery school are overjoyed after they were deemed outstanding across the board by Ofsted.

KingsWood Day Nursery in Alderholt cares for its 82 children in an exceptionally effective way, say inspectors.

Their report said: “The staff team and manager use excellent observation, tracking and assessment processes exceptionally well that ensure all children reach their full potential.

“Staff have an excellent understanding of how children learn through exploration and play. Children are active, keen learners displaying great levels of imagination in a stimulating environment both indoors and outdoors.

“Exceptionally secure attachments between children and their key person support children to feel secure and confident as they learn.

“Through effective and frequent communication highly positive parent and carer partnerships are developed.

“Children are cared for and motivated to be active learners in an environment where their safety and well-being is of the highest priority.”

The privately owned nursery offers a “highly stimulating and inviting environment indoors and outdoors” say inspectors, and staff deal skilfully with the children, tailoring their activities to suit each child.

The report said: “Children explore nature first hand in the outdoor area and nearby forest. For instance, they learn about animals hibernating, they listen to the sounds of the forest and articulate what they hear, build dens and make clay animals to live in the woods.

“Children are taught to be supportive of one another in their play; for example, children that are more able support less able children ensuring friends can join in fully.

“Through the highly skilled commitment of staff to include all children, they give excellent support to children who are more vulnerable. Gifted children enjoy greater challenges and through close partnership with parents receive additional resources and ideas to support and further extend their child's development.

“Staff are skilled communicators and offer copious encouragement and praise to children for each achievement no matter how small. Children in turn display high levels of confidence and enthusiasm in their efforts.”