A COMEDY night in Ringwood was a screaming success after raising £1,000 for the four charities nominated by the organisers of the Fanfare of Spring.

The sell-out show, organised by Nicki Foakes of Ringwood Surplus Stores and Belinda Charlton, meant the Ringwood Young Firefighters (YFA), the 3rd Ringwood Scouts, the Ringwood Guides and the Ringwood First Responders each received £250.

Mrs Foakes said: “I am very pleased to get involved with local events and it was all great fun.”

Mrs Charlton added: "We found enormous generosity amongst the Ringwood shopkeepers.

One of the reasons we were able to raise so much were the generous gifts donated by the shops for the raffle.

“We have a hard act to follow, but I am sure we will get even better"

Organiser of the Fanfare of Spring, Roger Bettle said: “We had a great day but we were only able to raise £463 with our collecting buckets.

“Thanks to the Comedy Night and to the organisers, we ended up with over £1,000. This means that we are able to give £250 to each of our four local charities.”