FED up residents in Verwood have taken matters into their own hands after being left appalled at the shoddy job done by council grass cutters.

Curlews resident Glenn Robinson whipped out his mower and strimmer after workmen who came to cut the overgrown green area near his home left it looking less trimmed and more blitzed.

Rubbish that had been nestling in the long grass was sprayed around and shredded into the clippings.

Other residents are reporting lots of areas where grass has grown so high they daren’t walk their dogs for fear of adders, including a designated area for dog walking in Whitebeam Way, and in Oaklands and the Bingham estate.In Meadow Way and Owls Road, most people have taken to cutting their own grass verges, said resident Sarah Wood, who added: “I only moved here six months ago and can't believe the verges are allowed to get so long.”

They say that the areas that have been cut look “like a child mowed it”, and that other areas are now so long even industrial threshing machines would struggle to get through it.

And one resident said she nearly had an accident on the Wimborne to Cranborne road because a person was edging out, unable to see past the long grass there.

One remarked: “I could do a better job with some blunt shears,” while another said: “Wow, gobsmacked at how bad this is!! Outrageous!!!”

Now district councillor Toni Coombs has waded into the row, promising to get pictures of the mess to the right people in the district and county councils.

She told people complaining on Facebook: “Just been for a drive round the town.

The rest of the toy box is going into orbit. “Major complaints about the poor timing, poor quality etc of the grass cutting.”

Cllr Coombs has also informed Dorset County Council about the lack of visibility on the B3078.

No one was available at East Dorset District Council, which is responsible for grass cutting in the town, for comment.