AN appeal over a very large shed at Tinkers Cross has been dismissed after a planning inspector concluded it would never fit in with its surroundings.

Clive Marshallsay had the 2.56 metres high, 9.5 metres long and 5.16 metres wide shed built in front of his home in Whitsbury Road. It takes up most of the depth of the property’s front garden and neighbours raised concerns it was also being used in connection with Mr Marshallsay’s carpeting business.

Inspector Nick Fagan said: “The appellant has planted bamboo between the shed and the new fence on the boundary with Fieldens but it is not growing well, presumably because the gap between the shed and fence is too small.

“I am not confident that any planting in this location would thrive and succeed in screening the shed from the road.

“In any case, even if such screening were to succeed, a shed of this size would still be out of character with the bungalow and area.

“The shed contains mainly rolls of carpet and carpet samples as well as some domestic storage items. It is clear that it is being used in connection with the appellant’s carpet business. Its size and use indicate to me that its retention would be inappropriate, given the lack of such other sheds in the front gardens of the other dwellings on the road.

“I conclude that the shed, by virtue of its size and prominence in the street scene, seriously harms the character and appearance of this rural area.”