BIG Brother housemate Chris R Wright from Ringwood has left the house in yet another eviction.

It may be a trick but, to be honest, keeping up to speed with the latest in the Big Brother bolthole is enough to give anyone whiplash.

But we at the Forest Journal will try.

Biro artist and actor Mr Wright, who was billed as one of the favourites to win this year’s Big Brother when he joined the house in June, was evicted on Monday night.

He joined Helen Wood in a set of secret rooms after a double eviction.

Helen was culled from the show after being told she was voted last in a (fake) public poll and then sent to secret rooms in a house next door.

Big Brother then forced Christopher Hall and Ash Harrison to choose a second housemate to evict and gave them just 30 seconds to do so.

Big Brother said: “As the Power Pair you were told you would have a big decision to make. It doesn’t come any bigger than this.

“One more housemate must be evicted. You must evict one of your housemates right now. You have 30 seconds.”

The pair struggled to come to a decision, with Christopher saying: “I can’t do this.”

They eventually decided to evict the man from Ringwood.

Mr R Wright said: “I have no complaints, I have no hard feelings.”

He left through the Diary Room to join Ms Wood in secret, where the pair will have the chance to gorge themselves on the ample supplies of food and drink and watch everything the remaining housemates say and do, broadcast to them on live feeds.

This now leaves four in the main house – Christopher Hall, Ash Harrison, Pav Paul and Ashleigh Coyle.