A COMMUNITY recycling centre has been launched in Woodgreen.

It is based at St Boniface Church Woodgreen, which is part of the Avon Valley Partnership Team. A special opening ceremony was held on Sunday, May 28.

The centre can be used to recycle a variety of items from mobile phones, CDs and DVDs, inkjet printer cartridges, corks, plastic milk bottle tops, aluminium foil, bras, ties leather and canvas bags, egg boxes, ring pulls from cans, water filter cartridges and more.

Reverend Nicky Davies, assistant curate of the Avon Valley Partnership, who has helped set up the recycling initiative said: "We are very excited about our mini-recycling centre.There is a lot of local interest in it.

"We are starting with items like belts, ties, bras, CDs, jam jars (to reuse), ink cartridges, stamps, corks and more. Some of these items will raise money for charity."

Recycled foreign and UK stamps are being collected in aid of the Leprosy Mission.

Reverend Davies added: "We look forward to it evolving as local people suggest other items that we can recycle or reuse.

"Our planet is precious and it is up to us to care for God's creation. We hope this will encourage local people to increase what they recycle.

"We live in such a materialistic society now, we need to take seriously how we use and then recycle or reuse what we have so we don't contribute or add to the problem of our huge rubbish tips."