SHOCKED villagers have spoken of a horrific car crash that has left a teenage girl fighting for her life in hospital.

A black VW Polo travelling south along Salisbury Street smashed into a wall in Cranborne on Saturday, seriously injuring a girl from Poole.

It is believed the four people inside, two female and two male, were aged in their late teens.

The emergency services were called to the scene at around 10.40pm on Saturday when villagers realised the severity of the smash.

Rosemary Jarvis was walking home from the pub with son Philip when they witnessed the crash. She said: “When we got to the end of our drive we heard a screaming sound of an engine revving very high.

“There was no traffic at all and we saw lights flashing and this almighty bang.

“It came around the corner, over-corrected, hit the bank and flipped up in the air and the windscreen hit the top of the wall before the car fell back onto all four wheels, pointing in the direction from which it came. We went to see what had happened.

“We saw the girl who was the driver on the ground outside the car. The girl who was the front seat passenger was out of the car as well.

“The two boys who were in the back were wandering around in a daze.”

Rose Cecil, who lives close to the scene and was one of the first there, added: “We called the ambulance because it looked very serious.

“Everybody rallied round and there were a lot of people helping.

“It was an instant reaction and the whole street came out to help.

“The fire service were amazing, they’re based in the village and it was good to see faces we knew dealing with it.”

Rose and her family were relaxing at home when the crash happened.

“It was a terrific noise. We were watching TV and heard it and it was obvious it was serious.

“It sounded like a building falling down,” she said.

Police said one person in the car was airlifted to hospital in Southampton by the Dorset Police helicopter and is in a critical condition.

The three others were taken by ambulance to Salisbury District Hospital for treatment.

Investigating officers are appealing for witnesses to the crash. Call 101 or the anonymous Crimestoppers line, 0800 555 111.

The officer dealing with the case is PC Moxham of Poole Traffic Department.

Villagers said yesterday that moves had been made in the past to extend the 30mph limit further up Salisbury Street so it starts outside of Cranborne before the residential area.

There will now be fresh hopes that the issue can be looked at again.

County councillor for the area Tim Palmer said: “Obviously I’m very concerned to hear about it and I will be asking the county council to look at the circumstances to see if anything should be changed as a result of this.”