A LOST homing pigeon that “stalked” Ringwood’s Angie Roberts for five weeks before disappearing is believed to have been found in Surrey.

The affectionate bird, which Ms Roberts named George would sit by her feet in her Chaffey Close garden, peck at her window every morning and wait patiently for her to finish work at Poppies Coffee Shop every afternoon.

But she was left in a flap after George disappeared last week, and she asked the Forest Journal to publish a plea to residents to see if anyone had found her feathered friend.

On Friday, Danielle Lagocki, who lives and works in Surrey, contacted the Forest Journal after reading about Ms Roberts’ plight, with news that an “affectionate” pigeon had landed at her place of work.

She said: “We have all made a new friend at work – a pigeon. For the last few days, a pigeon has been sitting on the wall close to one of my colleagues’ cars, and waiting all day every day.

“The pigeon has become the talk of the company. I researched why a pigeon might do this and your news report came up.

“I am just wondering if it might be Angie’s little friend?”

Ms Roberts was delighted on hearing the news and is now planning to make contact with Danielle to swap notes and decide if it is George.

She said: “I can’t believe the news that George may be in Surrey. I really hope that it is him.

“I would hate to think that something horrible had happened to him.

“There seems to be a lot of similarities in this bird – it’s his fascination with cars for one thing.

“It’s funny, but I really miss him. He seemed so happy. There are lots of pigeons in the area because of all the trees, so he always had somewhere to sleep, and he enjoyed being with me and my neighbours.

“I had become very fond of him and didn’t mind him being here at all, as long as he was happy.”

Poppies Coffee Shop owner David Gwatkin said: “This is such an amazing tale. It would be remarkable if it is George that has been found in Surrey. I just hope it is.”